Friday, October 30, 2009

Update #27 on Peter

I have a few updates about Peter and some pictures below the updates…

I’m going to share these updates with bullet points instead of taking time to organize it all into paragraphs. I’d rather get the info out there to you sooner…

  • The physical therapist at National Taiwan University Hospital remarked that Peter’s long-term damage should be fairly minimal since he woke up from his coma fairly soon.
  • Peter can continue his therapy at the Gengxin Hospital (where he has been since the accident). They are doing a good job.
  • It is expected that people suffering brain trauma like Peter have experienced will have some problems even 6 months to 1 year in the future, even if they were never in a coma. So, the progress may be slow, but looks good for Peter looking a year into the future.
  • The therapist gave Peter 3 words – black, happy, bicycle – and periodically asked him to recall them… he immediately remembers, but forgot them after a few minutes. This does mesh with what most of us have already known. Peter does have some short-term memory issues. We don’t yet know when and if this will improve… time will tell.
  • On November 4th, Peter will have a psych evaluation focusing on memory and cognitive functions. There will be a follow up appointment on November 12. It will be good to have some standardized and quantitative testing and results to measure Peter’s progress. The test on November 4 will serve as a baseline.
  • Peter got a big laugh out of this test… the therapist wanted him to do “jazz hands”. His right hand was pretty jazzy… but his left hand’s jazz factor = zero. But that was a week ago… maybe his hands are more jazzy now.
  • The other day, Peter was with friends at a food court and he tried walking with his tray of food. Although we all appreciate Peter’s willingness to *try*… his friends were a bit worried… and so was Peter. His balance and walking just isn’t up to that yet. Still improving though!
  • Peter’s balance problems stem from fractures of 2 bones in his skull (occipital and temporal) and problems in his ears (possibly including fractures of the tiny bones in the ear). Here are pictures of the skull bones and the ear for your reference. Click for a larger image.


  • The doctor he saw at NTUH and Dr. Zeng agree that Peter’s chance of full restoration of hearing and balance is about 90%. No time frame can be given for this… but it is great news.
  • His therapists have started making Peter step over objects placed in front of him. This requires him to stand on his own on one foot for a few moments and transfer his weight differently than just walking.
  • Peter and Claudia and Rick all attended the church in Yonghe last Sunday AM.
  • Claudia has been sick for about 10 days. She is feeling better now, but is thankful that Peter and Rick and others have been able to help her through this. She’s also grateful to Dr. Lin, our local doctor, for his care and concern for her.
  • Peter joined Craig and Jennifer for a team meeting this week. I’m not sure any of us would have guessed he’d be doing that less than 40 days after his accident.

Here’s the pictures I mentioned…

Peter riding the subway to his appointment at NTUH. The noise of the subway bothered his ears.

the noise on the subway bothered Peter's ears


Peter working the bar at therapy. This is his first time working with the 2kg weight added… moving up from 1.5kg.

Peter working with the 2kg weight attached


Peter is getting tired of playing with the blocks, but you wouldn’t know it by this picture. He is so full of joy.

Peter playing with blocks at therapy


Working with the therapist lifting some weights. Notice he is strapped in since he can’t stand up and work with the weight at the same time.

working with the therapist


Peter is learning to walk again.

re-learning how to walk


Peter with his friend Roming. Roming came to the hospital for a few hours every morning after the accident. Thanks to his employer and family for allowing him to come serve Peter and his family during this time.

 Peter and Roming


Peter putting round pegs in round holes… and yes, I think that is a giraffe in his left hand.

round pegs on a square board with a giraffe based tweezing device


Peter with his team leader, Craig Thompson. Although many people have been involved in many ways with Peter’s recovery, the heaviest burden was borne by Craig and his wife Karen. This was taken on the day Peter left the hospital.

Peter and his team leader, Craig Thompson


  1. Thanks for the update and photos!

    I was telling my wife about Peter's progress. I realized that I couldn't remember the 3 words either--and I'm an English teacher!

    Keep on Praying! As I said before, God has plans for Peter!

  2. Thanks for the continuously update! ^^

    Peter, you are getting better day by day. Never give up through the difficulties, when we experience it, we through GOD again and have the powerful strength.

    I miss you.


  3. Peter! You are an inspiration to all of us! Keep your eyes on Jesus and you'll reach the goal.
    Julie Cheatum

  4. Scott I am continually amazed at how accurately you are able to tell what has been taking place. Thank you so much for the diagrams of the ear and skull! They are very helpful for all of us! If you and your awesome family are ever in Portland, Oregon Peter's grandpa and wife Leigh have a ranch with 8 horses. They would love to host you and their horses are specially trained to work with people. Leigh and Dave, his grandpa work with PTSD clients in which she is the psychotherapist and he is the horse trainer. Thank you for this incredible blog dedicated to generating to include all of us so that we might participate in prayer and celebrate in the hope that we are seeing in how people have worked together for God's good and how they have helped Peter! God is so GOOD!!!!

  5. Peter you are showing amazing progress. You are a true fighter and I know how determined you are to get back to your regular routine of things. I Love you and don't stop fighting. You are doing great! Claudia and Rick I Love you guys too. Your support for Peter has been a blessing in itself.
    Jesse Veen

  6. Go God! I'm so amazed at Peter's progress, although I shouldn't be...after all we serve the ONE in charge of it all. Continued prayers from Kentucky!