Sunday, April 25, 2010

Update #29 on Peter

We are in the midst of a 48-hour prayer room activity and at the moment, I’m hosting and Peter just entered the prayer room. When he exits in an hour, he’ll take over the hosting from me and I’ll get some sleep.

I’ve been meaning to make a final entry on this blog for a long time and it seems that the time has come to do it. I’d like to finish while he is in the room.

I feel like this blog served as a “connecting point” for many people and it seems fitting that I’d connect with you one more time before I hand it all over to Peter to do with as he sees fit. This blog was never anything except a place to tell Peter’s story…

Thank you for your support of Peter and thank you for your kind words about me and the blog entries. I didn’t intend to be the only one posting on the blog, but it turned out that way. I didn’t ever mind posting updates about Peter, but I hope the content of the posts made it clear that Peter’s recovery and care was the result of a Holy Spirit led coordination of many people with all of the spiritual gifts (as a group) necessary to meet many needs. I should probably recap these people and their giftings/contributions here but I’d accidentally leave people out and I’d like to post this before Peter exits the prayer room.

After soccer practice today, Peter was eating lunch at our house and talk turned to his accident. He asked me how it affected me to think back on it now. It was thoughtful of him to ask and I think it shows great understanding on his part. I told him that I wish it had never happened… but since it *did* happen and since there were many decisions to make and plans to coordinate… it was a blessing to serve Peter, his family, and the Lord together with the other missionaries here and the Taiwanese brothers and sisters. All of our lives are changed because of what we all experienced together. It was one of the great examples in my own personal experience of what “the body of Christ” or, the Church, is supposed to look like.

Which brings me to you… the readers… the praying people.

Your prayer and other support for Peter was (and is) a key part of the healing process. We experienced many miracles because of you. Your prayer helped us think more clearly and be less tired while trying to care for Peter. Prayer is not a last option… but is the best option. Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer.

Peter’s recovery has slowed… but he’s still getting better. He’s still wobbly… but he helps at soccer and is now running and doing other exercise. His hearing is still very poor in one ear, but nearly normal in the other. He struggles with the speed of recovery… but then remembers that he has almost no business being alive… and his perspective sharpens again. He is fully aware of how serious his accident and injuries were and how loved he is by all of his friends around the world. He is still a picky eater… but he is passionate about ministry… is pained by injustice in the world… is an avid reader… and is as joyful as ever.

If you aren’t already friends with Peter on Facebook… you can find him there and check out some of the videos and other items that he has posted regarding his accident and re-birth.

I’m thankful to know you even in this “virtual” way. I’m thankful that we were able to serve together during a tough time for all of us.

I’m thankful for Peter and his family.

I’m thankful that God has seen fit to reveal to us some of the ways he has been glorified through this tragedy… we aren’t guaranteed that opportunity and though we often demand it… we have no right to it. But for whatever reason… God has given us glimpses of his glory… and we rejoice.

Bless you all.